Make a Loan Repayment

To make a Debit Card repayment for your V5 Solutions logbook loan, please enter your details below and click Pay Now to proceed to our secure Payment Gateway where you will enter your Debit Card details and process the payment.

This is a safe and secure process and will only take a minute to complete. You will receive a payment receipt by email shortly afterwards

Secure Payments

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Please Note: We only accept payments made by debit cards, we cannot accept credit cards.


Please refer to your loan agreements to ensure your payments are of the correct amount. Payment must only be made by Debit or Pre-Paid Cards. For all other payment methods please email us.

For account balances, statements or early settlements please contact us by email.

For a Top-Up or Renewal loan please call us on 01603 615 191 or email.

For all Arrears and Default queries please call us on 01603 615 191 or email.