What’s the process to get a logbook loan?

Get your cash logbook loan from V5 Solutions

To get a cash logbook loan from V5 solutions, we follow a process to streamline the journey from application to loan completion. It’s important we carry out the necessary checks to ensure the loan affordability and the vehicle eligibility for each customer.

Below, we have outlined the 7-step process for you to get a quick logbook loan from V5 Solutions.


Logbook Loan Process

Loan Process 1

A customer applies for a logbook loan, either online or by calling us directly. The information we require to process your loan application is: your full name, email address, contact number, contact number, car registration (of the car you want to take the loan against) and desired loan amount.


Loan Process 2

Our logbook loan team will have an initial call with you to discuss the loan and terms in more detail. The aim of this call is to start to formalise a final quote.


Loan Process 3


An MOT check on your vehicle will be carried out and we will request all relevant V5, logbook, ID and insurance documentation. This is only done if you meet If you meet the basic criteria. This includes the personal finance checks, vehicle eligibility checks.


Loan Process 4

If the previous step is successful, you pass all the checks and the application is approved, V5 Solutions sends out the documents for you to e-sign.


Loan Process 5

After you’ve returned all the signed, relevant documents, our document collection agent will schedule an appointment for the final phase of the process.


Loan Process 6

During the appointment, you will be required to provide the Bill of Sale and signature. The agent will also require you to take a photo next to the car (used as part of the loan) and will also check the chassis number. This appointment intends to be straight forward and last for around 10 minutes!


Loan Process 7

The document agent is simply there to collect the signature and final documentation. All additional questions and/or comments can be answered by the trained internal V5 Solutions team.


You can apply for an online logbook loan or alternatively you can call us on 0333 24 123 44 to get started. We offer repayment options ranging from 18 - 48 months to suit you.


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